The Royal Horseguards

The Royal Horseguards

If you are visiting London for the first time with your partner and are confused between the vast varieties of hotel to choose from. The Royal Horseguards london should be at the top of your holiday hotel in London list. Its unique design architecture, and prime location is what makes it special from other hotels. Not to mention its prime locations and other facilities.

Following are the reasons that The Royal Horseguard should be your top pick, the next time you visit London.

Prime location

Two of the most famous attractions in London include River Thames and Trafalgar Square.

This is a five star hotel that is located between the River Thames and Trafalgar Square.

Providing you easy access to these two famous attractions. This hotel also looks over to the London eye and the famous National gallery is also just a walking distance from the hotel.

It also edges over to the Covent Garden which is a famous place with a lot of entertainment and shopping centers.

There is also a cinema nearby allowing you the opportunity to experience the theatre experience in London as well.

The hotel is just a short tube ride or a stroll to many of London’s top attractions.

 Big Ben is also located at a short distance from the hotel. It is a Great Bell of striking clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminster.


The prestigious hotel  The Royal Horseguards london located in London is a Grade I listed building of exceptional interest.

The bedrooms offer both the modern and the Victorian elegance with free Wi-Fi, Elemis toiletries, a 49 inch LCD and a free minibar. The overall structure of the hotel is very elegant and represent the historic British architecture.


As a tourist you want to experience the street food as well as the fine dine options.

The hotel itself offers a great experience at One Twenty One Two Restaurant along with a piano bar, and fine food and wine.

The food quality is exceptional and variety of options are available from you to choose from.

The quality will never be compromised because it is a 5 star hotel after all.

There is also an outdoor terrace where you can relax, while having a cocktail after a tiring day of exploring London and its treasures.

Shopping opportunity

London is a home to many famous brands and outlets.

Most of the tourist have to travel long distances for shopping malls and centers in London.

But if you are staying at this hotel, then there is no need to worry about travelling long distances.

The Westminster Borough is a great choice for travelers and tourist that are interested in shopping, parks and city walks.

According to the independent reviews the Westminster Borough is the favorite place of people staying in The Royal Horseguard.

Some of the famous brands that you can find there include Apple, Chanel, and Burberry etc.

The opportunity of a lifetime awaits you as you book this hotel for your next holiday and stay in London with comfort and luxury in one.