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Interior & Exterior Looks

The Ness Walk Inverness Hotel is a nineteenth-century hotel coupled with an authentic appeal of contemporary craftsmanship. The hotel opened its doors back in 1854. So, one can easily assume it lived through both the steam-engine area and some parts of the modern stone age. The aftershocks of such a period are easily noticeable in the interior designs of the hotel itself.

Each hallway is defined to the finest of details and the owners say that it still dates back to 1854. It also has halls and meeting lounges dated back to that time period.

A highly polished staircase leading to the upper floors of the Ness Walk Inverness Hotel greets its visitors with a shiny interior. Some might even take note and link that staircase design to that used in The Titanic. While some lobbies are creaky and somewhat dated with messy designs, others are brilliant and vivid with alluring backdrop lighting.

The Lifts at the hotel are no less than an actual pony-back ride (pony-back rides being slow and sluggish). The energy is amicable and clamouring, and the lodging is well known for accommodating couples, families of 5 (at most in one room), and elected officials and high-rep people.

Is the area around Ness Walk Inverness Hotel worth it?

The hotel is right by the Inverness Train Station, aside from the buzz and bustle of the city. Its focal area implies there are a lot of cafés, bars, and shopping within a short walk’s distance. Including the Eastgate shopping center that is only a few steps away. The adjoining station has a few perks as well. Having a station this close means you can come and go across the Plains of The Scottish Highlands and even parts of Glasgow and Edinburgh with ease. The famous Inverness Castle is a five-minute walk from the hotel. Whereas, Loch Ness is about a half-hour drive from there.

How about the rooms at Ness Walk Inverness Hotel?

The Hotel has 86 rooms, which are all enhanced in a mix of for the most part conventional styling including botanical curtain and antique-style goods with the odd present-day contact. the rooms feature flat-screen TVs (for certain satellite stations), tea/espresso machines, and Wi-Fi – however, it is just free for the initial 45 minutes. While most rooms are generally liberated from commotion regardless of their area, there have been reports of street noise being an issue in certain rooms. Washrooms have marble tile and shower-tub combos with a curtain shower as well.


The inn serves a fair breakfast buffet every morning with a decent assortment of sweltering and fresh items just as cooked-to-arrange and customary top choices like smoked kipper and haggis. Debris Restaurant is likewise open for lunch and supper with production varying from the encompassing Highland fields and Loch Ness. A little bar in the hotel lobby has a decent selection of wine while the entryway bistro serves evening tea; room service is accessible 24 hours a day.

Is The Ness Walk Inverness Hotel worth the shot?

Ness Walk Inverness Hotel is a mid-range, 86-room property set in a nineteenth-century building connected to the Inverness train station. Despite giving a couple of indications that the structure is old enough in multiple places, the hotel is for the most part top-notch and mixes period beguile with a lot of contemporary workmanship. Rooms are perfect and brilliant with nice enough conveniences, however, some are inclined to downtown area commotion. With such an ambiguous blend of history and class, it’s worth giving a shot.

Hotel Reviews

Kenny United Kingdom

“Both the public areas and bedrooms are stunning. Exceptionally clean and tastefully decorated. The professionalism of each staff member is to be commended- faultless from start to finish. We just loved everything about this hotel. New favourite for us!”

Sarah United Kingdom

“The staff was very nice and the room we had was lovely. Close walk to Inverness attractions. The shower was excellent.”

Christopher United Kingdom

“It started well when we pulled in through the gate and the concierge beckoned us up to the main door and told us to park there. He was very enthusiastic about our planned NC500 trip and gave us loads of tips. We saw him the next day as we were leaving and he was again very engaging about our trip. A perfect example of how easy it is to make people feel welcome in hospitality. We were offered champagne as we leisurely checked in to the hotel. Someone took our bag to the room for us. Room was a reasonably standard room but felt very clean and put together. Dinner in the restaurant was excellent. Food was amazing and service very attentive. Breakfast also exceptionally good. Overall a thoroughly pleasurably stay. Cannot recommend enough. ”

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