The Clermont London, Charing Cross


The Clermont London, Charing Cross 

Claremont Hotel is one of the most pristine hotels as it resembles almost the structure of The Old Parliament Building in London. It comprises of ten high-rising storeys and luxury like none other. It is placed at one of the very few ranking hotel resorts in all the UK.

The Area Surrounding the Hotel

However, since quite a while ago thought to be the bleak lady to Brighton’s buzz, the Claremont Hotel is currently des res-stylish (French for developing a sense of style) and is very much positioned within the vicinity of restaurants like Etch, Cin and The Ginger Pig. It also has a close-by with unrecorded music bars like ‘Lion & Lobster’ and ‘The Paris House’.

Is the Hotel Stylish?

With its exquisite high contrast tiled entry pathway, prestigious flight of stairs and extensively decorated rooms, The Claremont Hotel perfectly merges period-free subtleties with contemporary artistic structures. During the May celebration season, the hotel additionally organizes periphery occasions.

Administration and Facilities

An accommodating aide is left in each room, however, the café in both the Brighton branch and the one in Hove, is a plus one feature for everyone staying at the hotel. If by any chance visitors need a guide for the city, The Claremont Hotel has the best tour guides in the city. And these tour guides have a pretty good idea of the spots to visit and the places to sight-see. The Claremont Hotel is even available for weddings and has exquisite banquet halls for gathering events and private suppers.


Rooms at The Claremont Hotel are like those at The Brighton Hotel. Other than the similarity, the rooms have a great view of the buzzing city streets, and they have the most amazing indoor designs.

The rooms are lined with Victorian room bordering and high-rise chimney designs, and high roofs.

For the most part, not withstanding, bigger rooms would be more of an upgrade. Stripped flooring sections, as opposed to rugs, are used but they often show stains. For even better room comfort, there are some rooms that have vintage DVDs and Blu-ray Sets that make sure you get entertainment the right way!

What goes around for Food & Beverages?

There’s no café anywhere in The Claremont Hotel itself. Yet the exquisite chandeliered lounging area provides a superb breakfast combo with just two disadvantages:

Business Grade Drinks are available. (Regulars are N/A)

Each Meal Item is Wrapped Separately

Other than that, every single meal at The Claremont Hotel is one meant to be remembered.

Does The Claremont Hotel Give you a Run for Your Money?

The Claremont Hotel is one of the most pristine hotels and it’s also one that prioritizes comfort and quality over anything else. Other than that, for what your money is worth, The Claremont Hotel makes your stay worth your while.

Guests Reviews

Paula United Kingdom

“They left a Chocolate slice of cake with Happy Birthday David on the plate for Husband ,, We had a complimentary drink and minibar . Breakfast delicious. Super clean .. toiletries were good . Very polite staff and helpful. Definitely will be staying there again!

achael United Kingdom

“Staff were all so friendly, amazing value for money, ckean, room was great for a family and lots included.”

Melanie United Kingdom

“Clean rooms Lovely breakfast Fab location Staff excellent”

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