Sea Containers London

Sea Containers London

Whether you are looking for the finest hotel for a honeymoon. Or you want to get away with your significant other or a few friends, the Sea Containers should be top of the list for your vacation hotel in London.

Not only is it just an ideal hotel to book when you are travelling in London. But it is also one of the best options for people interested in unique architecture.

Here is a list of reasons the Sea Containers should be your option the next time you visit London. To see the sights or go to the theatre or for a night on the town.

Nearby Tourist Spots

When you are visiting London. There are a few tourist spots that you should not even think of missing out on.

London is known for the beauty of its tourist spots that attract travellers from around the world.

The sea containers cinema is also available to use for hotel guests.

When in London these tourist spots can be the highlight of your day if you manage your time and get to visit them.

For this reason it’s best to consider hotels that are near the renowned spots such as the Shakespeare’s Global Theatre, London Eye, The London Dungeon  all of which are a few minutes’ walk from the Sea Containers hotel.

Look Over the River Thames

The River Thames gives London the sea-life aspect that brings water adventures to a city. The Thames is the perfect addition to London if you are someone who enjoys looking at the ripples on the water for comfort and peace.

You can sit back and enjoy your days while your hotel room looks over at the River Thames at the Sea Containers Hotel. It accounts for the most peaceful and romantic view in the city to enjoy with your soulmate by your side.

Limitless Entertainment

If you think you always need to roam around the city to find entertainment options our hotels can help solve that problem. You and your significant other can enjoy a wide variety of entertainment options at this riverside hotel.

You can always let yourself loose and enjoy a drink in the cocktail bar on the rooftop terrace. Sit peacefully with your significant other in the outdoor setting. Relax yourself with a spa, or simply enjoy the mesmerizing view of the river and London from the terrace top.

OR you could watch a movie in the sea containers cinema.

Rest assured you will never find yourself bored with nothing to do whilst you are at the Sea Containers.

Modern Indoor Environment & Beautiful Rooms

The internal designing of the Sea Containers Hotel has been decorated by award-winner Tom Dixon.

You will find yourself looking at one of the most sophisticated internal designs. From elegant furniture to modern lighting features as well as your very own mini bar inside your hotel room.

The bathrooms itself are lined with the best marble alongside options to choose from either a shower or a bathtub.

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