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Royal Clifton Hotel

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The Royal Clifton Hotel is a historic hotel located in Southport, a seaside town in Merseyside, England. It’s one of the prominent hotels in the area and has a rich history.

Here are some key points about the Royal Clifton Hotel in Southport:


The Royal Clifton Hotel has a long history dating back to the Victorian era when Southport was a popular seaside resort. It was originally built in the mid-19th century and has undergone several renovations and expansions over the years.


The hotel is situated on the Promenade in Southport, offering beautiful views of the Irish Sea. Its central location makes it convenient for guests to explore the town’s attractions, including the Southport Pier, Marine Lake, and various shops and restaurants.


The Royal Clifton Hotel offers a range of guest rooms and suites, catering to different budgets and preferences. Guests can expect comfortable and well-appointed rooms with modern amenities.


The hotel typically has a restaurant and bar on-site where guests can enjoy meals and beverages. The menus often feature a mix of traditional British cuisine and international dishes.

Events and Functions

The Royal Clifton Hotel has facilities for hosting weddings, conferences, and other special events. They often have dedicated event spaces and services to accommodate various occasions.

Spa and Leisure Facilities

Some hotels in Southport, including the Royal Clifton, offer spa and leisure facilities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, and spa treatments for guests looking to relax and unwind.

Southport Attractions

 Southport is known for its beautiful coastline, historic pier, and attractive gardens. Visitors to the Royal Clifton Hotel can explore these attractions, as well as nearby golf courses and shopping areas.

The Royal Clifton Hotel in Southport holds a significant place in the town’s history. Dating back to the Victorian era when Southport was a thriving seaside resort, this historic hotel was constructed in the mid-19th century. Over the years, it has undergone multiple renovations and expansions, evolving into one of the most prominent establishments in the area.

Strategically situated on the picturesque Promenade, the Royal Clifton Hotel boasts breath-taking views of the Irish Sea. Its central location places guests within easy reach of Southport’s many attractions, including the iconic Southport Pier, the serene Marine Lake, and an array of charming shops and delectable restaurants.

Accommodations at the Royal Clifton Hotel cater to a diverse range of preferences and budgets, offering an array of guest rooms and suites. These rooms are thoughtfully designed, providing guests with a comfortable and well-appointed retreat, complete with modern amenities for a delightful stay.

Guests can enjoy dining at the hotel’s restaurant and bar, which typically features a menu encompassing both traditional British cuisine and international dishes. This dining experience adds to the hotel’s charm, offering a convenient option for guests to savour a delicious meal without leaving the premises.

Beyond accommodations and dining, the Royal Clifton Hotel offers facilities for hosting various events and functions. From weddings to conferences, the hotel has dedicated event spaces and services tailored to meet the needs of different occasions, ensuring memorable gatherings for guests.

For those seeking relaxation and leisure, some hotels in Southport, including the Royal Clifton, offer additional amenities like spa treatments, fitness centers, and swimming pools. These facilities provide guests with opportunities to unwind and rejuvenate during their stay.

While staying at the Royal Clifton Hotel, visitors can explore Southport’s numerous attractions. The town’s stunning coastline, historic pier, and charming gardens are just a few of the highlights waiting to be discovered. Moreover, nearby golf courses and shopping districts offer additional entertainment options, making it a destination with something to offer every traveller.

To ensure you have the most up-to-date information and to make reservations, it’s advisable to check the official website of the Royal Clifton Hotel or contact them directly. This will ensure you have the latest details about amenities, room types, and dining choices, enhancing your experience during your stay in Southport.

Guests Reviews

We had our wedding meal and party here on 19th Aug. Couldn’t have asked for anything more, the staff were so attentive and friendly the whole day and night was perfect! The food was great and the room was lovely, very clean.
Anja  United Kingdom United Kingdom

Had a great stay, room was clean and comfortable, had an amazing view of the lake and the sea ( what you can see) nothing bad to say about it. It’s fairly priced for the room size and outdated furniture etc. but if you want 5 star then stay elsewhere and pay the price. We had no issues and will definitely stay here again. Cannot comment on the food as we eat out, we don’t like time restrictions.

Martine United Kingdom United Kingdom

Lovely hotel, needs a bit of modernising, but nice bar area,reception, bedroom was big and spacious, breakfast was fine everything hot. Lifts are small. Met a lovely gentleman called Sam who worked there who took us up to our room after we got lost.If you want breakfast or dinner order before you pay at reception and you get some money off, all in all a good holiday.

Val United Kingdom United Kingdom


I enjoy my stay and was looked after really well especially by Natkita and Taylor .I will be returning to stay again. The room was great with a balcony for my dog we both enjoyed it very much ,my granddaughter s came to see me they loved it too. 
Margaret  United Kingdom United Kingdom
Stayed here for one night and I have to see not what I expected room are lovely and clean staff are friendly also if you like to take a dog there accept them for a extra 10 pound a month plus if you don’t want to get food from hotel then is a good weather spoons and if your staying with small children Southport pleasureland is across the road
Kieron  United Kingdom United Kingdom
Had a single room which was compact but had everything you needed. Hotel is a big old Victorian building which must have been magnificent in its day. Service was good and the breakfast decent. Overall it was great value for money with a super location in the town.

Royal Clifton Hotel


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