Norton House Hotel And Spa


 Norton House Hotel & Spa

Norton House Hotel and Spa is your stop if you’re looking for someplace that seems like a historical Hogwart Department Building. Breathtaking on the outside and looks a lot like a modern Utopia on the inside.

Famous Attractions Near The Resort

The Norton House Hotel and Spa stretches acres along the edge of The Town of Ratho. Being on the edge of a bustling lively city has its own perks. Like having to visit the local air terminal? It’s only around £15 when you take a cab. It takes no more than twenty minutes to reach the Central Downtown Region. Other than that, you can use a cable car or a taxi to go anywhere in the town in under thirty minutes.

Origin Style of The Norton House Hotel and Spa

The Norton House Hotel and Spa were built by a notable Edinburgh Family entitled The Ushers. It was basically a widespread ranch style home back in the year 1825. Back then a combo of a Late Georgian Trend and Late Victorian Interiors. Not to mention it also resembles an old village county ranch back in the early 1900s.

Indoor Facilities

The Norton House Hotel and Spa is a gleeful resort. But the spa is the star attraction of the hotel. The spa is lined with dazzling lights and glass walls and marble finished flooring. The hotel also has a breathtaking view of lush green garden patches walled off with stone-bricked walls which give it a castle type feeling.

If you’re more of an exercise routine kind of person, you will also have access to exceptional gym equipment and a handy coach at best for your daily routine to go unaltered. You can also entertain yourself at a small snack bar after you’ve gone through your workout routine.

Room Decor

Regular rooms in the hotel are spacious and full of linen decor along the ceiling. There is a sad fact to it though. The rooms situated on the west side of the hotel haven’t been able to be refurbished since they were built due to the lack of proper professional staff and the proper tools to do it. Regardless, those rooms still seem rather habitable but moreover, they are the main rooms that will cost a bit more than your regular ones, given their history and preservation.

But in Plus-Suites (Executive Rooms), you will be getting a TV in the loo, an overhang, a porch and even a great balcony view.

Food Courts at The Norton House Hotel and Spa

Food Menus are of the utmost importance when it comes to choosing a hotel. Norton House Hotel and Spa has drinks, and tea-items that suit your regulat traditional British Morning Crunch.  Other than that, if you’re a junk-foodie, they have the best selection of burgers and steaks. You also have a non-veg dedicated menu with prime ribs, lamb chops, mutton curry, and butternut grain seed combo risotto. Your daily breakfast experience is like one in the Arnold Bennet books, calming, ever-charming, and pristine.

Guests Reviews

A hotel where the staff service is excellent, the quality and standard of the rooms is high.

LikedThe food was delicious and my gluten free requirements were met without any problem. The staff were all friendly and helpful. The hotel was clean with plenty of covid adjustments in place.

DislikedOur room was on the ground floor and has french doors that opened onto a small patio area. It was a shared space with the next door guests who had a dog. The dog often trotted by our room and we weren’t keen on the thought of a dog coming into our room if we opened the doors to let in fresh air. The other area that needs updating is the changing areas for the spa and swimming. The areas are male/female and don’t have any private changing spaces, it’s all communal which I feel isn’t either desirable or acceptable these days

Rebecca United Kingdom

“Hotel is surrounded in beautiful grounds, the swimming and spa facilities were amazing and very clean. The food is excellent and all the staff were really friendly and helpful. ”

Kirsteen United Kingdom

“The food was delicious and my gluten free requirements were met without any problem. The staff were all friendly and helpful. The hotel was clean with plenty of covid adjustments in place.”

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