North Wales Attractions

North Wales Attractions

North Wales Attractions in and around the Snowdonia national park in particular might not be at the top of our holiday destination list in the UK.

For many wise and savvy people though, the cat is out of the bag as North Wales is seeing a steady annual rise in its visitor numbers.

Combined with the current economic constraints that many of us are experiencing.

Looking at a holiday or a short break at home in the UK is looking like a good option for those not wanting a pricey trip to Europe.

With the current exchange rates being so good why travel abroad?

One of the other reasons Wales and in particular North Wales has seen a steady healthy growth in visitor numbers.

Is because of regular annual investment by the Welsh Government and from European funding projects to rejuvenate the infrastructure.

Within Wales and focusing on the tourist sector, which has become a valuable asset in Welsh community’s resources as a thriving industry.

It is no surprise when visiting North Wales and the Snowdonia National Park to see evidence of the investment being made in the area surrounding the Snowdonia and beyond.

As Wales is often referred to as “God’s country. It’s not hard to see why.

As there is such a diverse terrain and landscape, with mountains, rivers small and wide, the steep valleys and rugged and sometimes North Wales beaches.

The Welsh coastline are just some of the diverse topography on offer to everyone that venture’s west.

Many of the local North Wales Attractions and things to in snowdonia both natural and man-made have seen much funding in the last decade for either regeneration or restoration.

Mountain Biking

A good example is “Coed y Brenin” which has had a £1.6 million renovation project by the Welsh Forestry Commission.

It now boasts a new, fully equipped, attractive visitor centre and five upgraded world class mountain biking routes.

And many other local trails and single track to explore.

If you like steam railways or maybe your children have never experienced a steam train.

Well Wales has more than its fair share for visitors to travel on and get up close and personal with.

In North Wales two of the more prominent and widely visited are the beautiful “Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways” and also the notable Snowdon Mountain Railway, especially if you fancy a less energetic way of travelling to the top of the mountain.


The Snowdonia park was the first to be designated of the three National Parks in Wales back in the early 1950’s.

Its entire coastline is a preserved and guarded as a “Special Area of Conservation” with the perimeter runs from the “LlÅ·n Peninsula” down the mid-Wales coast.

Within the mid-Wales coast section which contains the both beautiful and valuable sand dune systems.

These are also protected against development as a nature reserve.But can be enjoyed by tourists and visitors alike.

So go and find out what North Wales and Snowdonia has to offer for you, in “God’s own country”.

Gregory Greene is writing on behalf of “STS Holidays” in North Wales, for the best choice for a Snowdonia Holiday in this perfect countryside destination with a wide range of outdoor activities.