Nethybridge Hotel, Scotland

Nethybridge Hotel, Scotland

Nethybridge Hotel Scotland is the first choice you should be considering when it comes to the old-fashioned Victorian style of living. It is constructed in The Highlands of Scotland near the rural population of Nethy Bridge.

Locale Attractions Surrounding Nethybridge Hotel

Other than the calm countryside and the lush green sheets of grass stretching endlessly as far as the eye can see, there isn’t much to go on for. Nethybridge Hotel sits over a pleasant, country region with soothing surroundings. It is located between two of the most visited sites in The Highlands, The Cairngorm Mountains & The Woods of Speyside.

The Capital of The Highlands, Inverness, A9 and the Inverness Airport are all within a 15-minute driving distance.

Exterior & Interior Design

This Late 17th Century Victorian Crest Masterpiece comprising of up to 70 accommodations stands mighty over the years with almost no refurbishing. Everything in the resort itself is pristine from the olden days. Nethybridge Hotel is a blend of multiple themes both in general and event-based. It has a dedicated winter-themed wing as it’s almost winter all year round when nightfall approaches. Similarly, it also has a romantic serene view from every balcony, wedding-themed lawns and rooms for wedding events or newly wedded couples. Not to mention, the Hogmanay or as some call it New Year themed celebration festival at the resort. At such moments, the halls are decked with lights and it seems as if Christmas returned early that year.

Another plus-one for pet lovers is that pets are also allowed inside the resort itself and not in a kennel outside the resort, unlike most fancy hotels.

Administrative Facilities at Nethybridge Hotel

For your luggage, you will have around the clock porterage service by the hotel’s finest porters. Whichever room you choose will be the deluxe premium suite you will find in a regular or an overly priced hotel. But one thing is certain, we assure you we will be second to none. The Lounging Area is surprisingly comfortable. It isn’t just in terms of comfort but also in terms of luxury as well. Not to mention you also get free WiFi Access and enjoy seamless internet connectivity.

There is a local gift shop right around the far back-end of the resort and it has souvenirs you’ll love to take home. Some adventurous couples were interviewed  and they even stated that they were tempted to rob the gift store due to its manifold categories of content.

The garden is something you hardly miss when you enter the premises of the hotel. Lush Green Carpeted Flooring of Grass which is both rich and well…. Green is something worth the sight in the Highlands.

Rooms at Nethybridge Hotel

Every room at Nethybridge Hotel Scotland has an OLED Flat Screen TV, with a royalty suite private bathroom, Versace Branded Toiletries, Free Laundry & Ironing Service, Personal coffee maker & hairdryer, as well as a cosy fireplace.

Cuisine Options at Nethybridge Hotel

The cuisine mainly revolves around British Type Meals. The day starts out with a British Breakfast followed by a Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free dessert or side dish. You can even avail yourself of the option to enjoy breakfast in bed if you feel like living the royal life. There is also a dedicated picnic area for setting up picnic sheets, a private café, and an indoor restaurant. Evening Meals include Asian, European, & British Cuisines.

Hotel Reviews

Christopher United Kingdom

“Staff were very welcoming and our room was very clean. We travelled with a dog and the hotel staff were very accommodating. A perfect stop off to break up a long journey. ”

Sian United Kingdom

“Lovely freshly decorated and spacious room. Great bed linen. Reception staff fantastic welcoming and professional. Lovely view of gardens. Beautiful well tended garden was perfect for an evening stroll. Also lovely Riverside walk nearby.”

Ryder United Kingdom

“Room and bathroom were very clean and good location for local attractions”

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